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Tiara HR+ is a human resource consulting firm delivering a complete range of integrated services to help companies manage their recruitment, training & development, enhance HR services and improve the quality of human resource.


Tiara HR+ provides products and services in support for all transactional HR functions spanning the employee life cycle, including Exit Management, Recruitment process, Training & Development


Tiara HR+ customises its services to meet the core needs of each client. It provides specialized expertise, allowing the client’s HR departments to more effectively support the organization’s core competencies.


Tiara HR+ is managed by Professionals with more than 24 years of experience in the field of Media, IT, Office Automation & Services segment at National, Regional & Branch level. People behind Tiara HR+ have managed businesses of these organisations with Top-line, Bottom-line and EBITDA margins & managed teams of more than 100 people at a time in Sales, Marketing, HR, Administration, Customer Services, Creative field, Finance & Operations.

  • Skilled in BQ+ processes
  • Skilled in ISO 9000 processes
  • Skilled in SPIN process
  • Managed Media Business in Global Markets






our mission

Enable our Customers to scale up their Business Growth through innovative Human Resource processes Enable our Customers to save on the all important Cost arising due to wrong recruitment Enable our Customers in Timely Recruitment so as to Execute their Business Plans flawlessly

our vision

To be a credible & dependable global human resourse service provider

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